The PTA meets two or three times to plan and organise all fundraising activities. We welcome all parents' suggestions in order to generate ideas for forthcoming events in which to boost our school fund resources for our children.  Our staff representative to contact is Mrs. Vicky Donaghy.

If you'd like to be involved please don't hesitate to contact the school - parental support in whatever measures for school events is always needed and very much appreciated!


Purpose of Fundraising

The PTA kindly donated towards the cost of our artificial turf in the outdoor nursery area. The cost approximately was £1,500.

At the moment the PTA is looking at further events to organise to raise funds which would help to replace old/worn play equipment on the playground for our children to enjoy, and we also need to replenish the play areas with fresh bark chippings.   


Fundraising Activities

Towards the end of each term we try to organise a major fundraising activity, together with other occasional fundraising activities, e.g. non school uniform days. 

Support from parents for any of our events is a bonus and very welcomed.