Mrs. O. Fairhurst       -  Chair

Mr. M. Timms           -  Vice Chair

Mr. J. Moores           -  Co-Opted Governor

Mr. A. Tipney           -  Co-Opted Governor

Mrs. R. Sawbridge    -  Co-Opted Governor

Mrs. B. Haworth       -  Co-Opted Governor

Mr. R. Hardstaff       -  Parent Representative

Mr. I. Smith             -  Parent Representative

Mr. B. Bradshaw       -  Parent Representative

Miss A. Cragg          -  Staff Representative


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Our school is a LEA Maintained Primary School and the Governors at Lord Street are appointed by the LEA, by you, the parents, and also co-opted or invited on, by other Governors.   The Headteacher is also a Governor and there is a governor to represent the teachers and non-teaching staff. Governors are appointed for four years.


Governors do their work on a voluntary basis.   They come from many walks of life and have an interest in the education of young children.   Legally, they must meet once a term but in reality governors meet more often than this to carry out their duties. Each term we have a Governor Open Day for governors to spend the day in school to meet the children and to be familiar with the school's curriculum, and to support and monitor progress within the school.  The next open days are on:

Thursday, 1st December 2016

Thursday, 19th January 2017 

Thursday, 4th May 2017.


The Governing Body is responsible for running the school. It receives funds from the Local Education Authority on an annual basis according to a standard formula based mainly upon the number of pupils in the school.  The governors provide support to our headteacher in numerous ways - to ensure the school financial budget is spent to its best ability; the schools aims and policies are adequately met; help set standards in behaviour and discipline for our children and ensuring the school's curriculum is fulfilled.  Responsibilities can also involve staff appointments; dealing with appeals and grievances - the role is extensive and all our governors are very supportive and a valuable asset to our school.


Our full Governing Body has two sub-Committees:

Strategic Leadership Committee 

  1. John Moores
  2. Olive Fairhurst
  3. Richard Hardstaff
  4. Barbara Haworth

​Raising Attainment Committee

  1. Olive Fairhurst
  2. Adele Cragg
  3. Barbara Haworth
  4. Ian Smith
  5. Rachel Sawbridge
  6. Andy Tipney
  7. Ben Bradshaw



​Meetings of the full governing body are held termly: 

16.11.15 - apologies Mr. K.Smith

14.03.16 - all present

20.06.16 - apologies Mr. Rutter; Mr. Timms; Miss McGrath

14.11.16 - apologies Mr. Rutter; Mr. Smith; Mrs. Green

13.03.17 - apologies Mr. K. Smith; Mr. I. Smith

19.06.17 - apologies Mr. I. Smith, Mrs. A. Green


Meetings of the full governing body 2017/2018

Autumn Term - Monday, 13th November 2017 at 5.30pm

Spring Term - Monday, 12th March 2018 at 5.30pm

Summer Term - Monday, 18th June 2018 at 5.30pm

(future dates to follow).


Sub-Committee meetings also held termly and these dates are:-

Raising Attainment Committee

  • 10th October 2016 - apologies Mrs. O. Fairhurst; Mrs. A. Green
  • 6th February 2017 - Mr. I. Smith; Miss A. Cragg
  • 15th May 2017 - Mr. I. Smith; Mr. B. Bradshaw


Strategic Learning Committee

  • 17th October 2016 - all present
  • 13th February 2017 - Mr. M. Timms; Mr. R. Hardstaff
  • 22nd May 2017 - Mr. M. Timms; Mr. I. Smith; Mrs. A.  Green