The safety of every child is paramount and we take our child protection responsibilities very seriously. In accordance with local authority regulations and procedures the following action is taken in the event of potential abuse:

  • Staff document the concern;
  • The concern is shared with the school's safeguarding lead - Mrs J Holmes DSL; Miss A Cragg DDSL and Mrs. N. Shackleton.
  • The concern may be discussed (potential physical and sexiual abuse is reported immediately) with Children's Social Care Services;
  • The social worker assesses the information and decides on an appropriate course of action which is carried out and documented.

Health and Safety

  • To ensure the safety of all of our pupils, staff and visitors, the school has a suite of health and safety policies. These include risk assessments for activities and areas of learning and site security and safety. Should you wish to see any of our policies or risk assessments, these can be obtained from our office staff.

If a child has any concerns they can post them into one of two worry boxes positioned outside the headteacher's office and outside Year 6. Please read the school's safeguarding offer below:

Safeguarding School Offer



The school has three very simple rules:

  1. Always walk.
  2. Always treat others and their things with respect.
  3. Always follow instructions the first time they are given.

Rewards and sanctions are applied consistently to ensure that children make responsible choices. For more information please refer to the school's policy.



It is vital that every child has good attendance if they are to reach their potential. If your child is absent please ensure that you notify school immediately as without notification the child's absence is recorded as unauthorised.  The Department for Education has recently reviewed the definition of persistent absenteeism and any child with attendance below 90% is classed as a persistent absentee.

All staff, but especially our learning mentors, work hard to ensure that all children have good attendance - 95%. If a child's attendance falls below 92.5% the school's learning mentors will contact you to provide additional support. Additionally, school will require medical authorisation (e.g. a prescription, a GP appointment card or a letter) if there are further absences. 

Good school attendance is an important foundation for a successful school career.  It is an area where home and school must work closely together to ensure that all children have the best possible attendance.

For more information please refer to the school's policy.



Bullying in school is very rare. All staff are very vigilant for any sign of bullying and report it to the headteacher immediately. For more information please refer to the school's policy.

Please click on this link for general advice on bullying from BULLYING UK



Within school all children are taught how to manage the risks associated with the internet and social networking. The school's own internet connection is extremely secure, and school will take every reasonable precaution, including monitoring and filtering systems, to ensure that young people will be safe when they use the internet and ICT systems. 

For more information about E-Safety please refer to the school's safeguarding offer above or the school's E-safety policy.


Administering Medicine

School staff do not administer medication. The school requires that either children self-medicate or are supported by a parent. If your child has a particular medical need we will support you to devise an individual care plan. For more information please refer to the school's policy.


Intimate Care

In order for your child to receive the very best level of care it may be appropriate to provide some intimate care. This occurs most frequently in nursery and reception, but sometimes occurs when children are older. For further information please refer to the school's policy.


First Aid

All staff are trained in first aid awareness with three further staff trained as designated first aiders.  All staff in foundaton stage are trained in paediatric first aid.