• The gates into the Nursery and the School are unlocked by the site manager at 8:40 am and locked at 9:00 am. for the start of the school day. The gate directly in to Nursery is unlocked and locked by staff at the end of morning and start of afternoon sessions.

Both gates are unlocked by the site manager at 3:20 pm and locked at 3:30 pm for the end of the school day. Access for collecting children from after-hours activities is via the main entrance only at the Pathway Centre.


• All staff and visitors enter and leave via the main Pathway Centre entrance during the school day.

• Parents collecting children from after school clubs do so from the main Pathway Centre school entrance.

• The main entrance remains security locked at all times. Access is gained through a buzzer and speaking to a member of the Administration team.

• Only adults open the main entrance door. Children will fetch an adult if they see someone waiting to come in.


• All visitors sign a visitor book and are given a badge or a visitor sticker.

• Visitors working with children have to provide DBS information unless it is a single visit directly supervised by a member of staff.