At Lord Street C.P. School we recognise the uniqueness of each child and the contribution they make to the school community. The school caters for the needs of all children. We have devised an accessibility plan to help us organise the building and our practice to address the needs of all pupils.

The school's special educational needs offer is available below:

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At Lord Street Primary School we believe that all pupils are entitled to a quality education and that each individual should be encouraged and supported to achieve. We provide high quality teaching within the classrooms, however for some children additional support may be needed. This may be for a specific subject, a specific target, an emotional need, a behaviour or communication need or it may be general learning. It may be a short term intervention is needed or on going long term support. Each child is different and therefore their plan will be personalised.  
The SENDCO at Lord Street is Mrs J E Holmes (Deputy Headteacher). The SENDCO is responsible for the coordination of provision for those children as having identified SEN, including advising class teachers and linking with external agencies. 

The Local Offer

The Local offer provides parents and carers with information about what services and support is available in Bolton for example : 

  • Early years providers
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Health and care
  • Leisure
  • Guidance for parents when they need to speak to practitioners and professional 

The local offer for Bolton can be accessed here: www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/Specialeducationalneedslocaloffer.aspx

General Information/Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I think my child has a Special Educational Need or Disability? 

Initially speak to your child’s teacher about your concerns. This may then be referred on to the school’s SENDCO. 

What is the school approach to SEN and Disability?  (Reg 3c: In general, how do school approach the teaching of pupils with SEN/D?) 
For any child with identified additional needs a personal plan will be put in place. This may include additional support in the classroom or specific tasks/targets to support their needs. There will also, where needed, be interventions outside of the classroom to support the children, for example individual reading or social skills groups. These interventions may only be required for a short time, or may be ongoing for a child’s time at Lord Street.  

Pupil progress is discussed half termly between the class teacher and phase leader. If there are concerns around a child the SENDCO is included in these discussions. Children with SEN are discussed with the SENDCO and also parents at least termly.  
Occasionally there is a need to involve external agencies such as Behaviour Support, Ladywood Outreach, Speech and Language Therapists etc. in order to access the best provision for the child. A referral will be made with your consent and forwarded to the most appropriate service. The service will then carry out assessments before advising on the next steps.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being (Reg 3g: in particular the development of their social and emotional skills)?

The school offers a wide range of pastoral support through the PSED curriculum, school families, class teacher, teaching assistants and where needed external agencies. The school’s SENDCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead are always available for the children.  

How will I know how my child is doing in school? (Reg 3b: School arrangements for assessing and reviewing the progress of children/young people with SEN) 
A termly report is provided to all parents. Parents Evening will be held termly for parents to discuss their child’s needs with the class teacher. More informally, the class teacher is available at the end of each day. Should you wish further contact, please ring the school office to book an appointment with the class teacher or SENDCO. 

How will I be involved in discussions about, planning for, and involvement in, my child’s education? (Reg 7: School arrangements for consulting the parents of children and young people about, and involving them in, the education of their child) 
At Lord Street we believe that children progress best when there is a clear shared vision for the individual. Therefore you will be invited into school to discuss the plan for your child. This will happen formally each term. However, between meetings the class teacher will keep you updated on any changes and should there be a need to make a referral to an outside agency you would be invited in to meet with the classteacher and or SENDCO before the referral was made.    

How do Lord Street School involve children and young people in their education and in the decision making process? (Reg 8: School arrangements for consulting and involving children and young people in their own education)  

Where appropriate age-wise, the child will be involved termly in discussing their targets and needs and how they feel school could best support them. These may, if appropriate, be included in their plan.  

Who, outside of school, can I turn to for advice and support? (Reg 11: Contact details of support services/groups for parents of pupils with SEN, for example parent partnership) Most contact details can be found on the Local Offer (see below).

Some of these include:  

CAMHS  (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)  - accessed via referral through Behaviour Support, Ladywood Outreach or GP. If you have concerns about your child’s mental health CAMHS can be contacted on  01204 390659 

Behaviour Support – children with social, emotional and mental health needs which are affecting their behaviour – advice and support for children and families 01204 338133  School nurse – and health concerns you have regarding your child: 01204 463683 

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) – concerns around the pronunciation of speech, stutters and stammers and the ability to understand verbal communications.

SALT is located at Breightmet Health Centre, but following assessment, groups/sessions can often be arranged in Horwich.  Telephone 01204 463366

  • Bolton Information and Advisory Service (previously Parent Partnership) 01204 84872

Where can I find information about Local Authority provision for children and young people with SEN? (Reg 13: Details of where the Local Offer is published)  
The Local Offer for Bolton can be accessed via the Bolton website: www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/specialeducationalneedslocaloffer.aspx 
How should complaints regarding SEN provision be made and how will they be dealt with? (Reg 9: Detail the arrangements made by the Governing Body relating to the treatment of complaints).

Complaints at Lord Street are quite rare. However if you wish to make a complaint there are 3 simple steps to help resolve the issue:

Step 1: discuss the issue with the class teacher

Step 2: discuss the matter with a member of the senior leadership team

Step 3: contact the Chair of Governors – Mrs O Fairhurst 

How do I get a copy of the school SEN policy?

1. Call in at the school office and ask the Office Manager Mrs C Woods

2. Visit the school website where a copy of the policy is with other SEN information www.lordstreetprimaryschool.co.uk  

OR click on the link below:

2017 SEND Policy

Who do I contact for further information? (Reg 4: Contact details of the SENCO) 
SENDCO  - Mrs J E Holmes    01204 333545