We all work together as a team for the benefit of our children.


Miss L. McArdle - Interim Executive Headteacher

Mrs. L. Cousens - Interim Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. J. Holmes - Deputy Headteacher/SENDCO

Mrs. S. Cummins - Interim Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. L. McCaffrey - Interim Assistant Headteacher


Miss A. Cragg - Assistant Headteacher / Year 6 teacher/ Upper Phase Leader

Miss J. Martin - Year 5 teacher

Miss E. Naylor - Year 4 teacher

Miss K. Salmon - Year 3 teacher

Mrs. E. Crawford - Year 2 teacher 

Mrs. J. Holmes - Year 1 teacher

Mrs. A. Green - Reception teacher

Mrs. J. Rypel - Lower Phase Leader /Mrs. S. Maxwell -  Nursery teachers

Mrs. C. Walsh - 2 Year Old Nursery class



Mrs. N. Shackleton - Pupil Welfare Manager

Mrs. S. Alker - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Turnbull - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. V. Donaghy - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. C. Walsh - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Harbidge - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Franklin - Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Daly - Teaching Assistant

Mr. P. Dunn - Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Foster - Teaching Assistant




Mrs. C. Woods - Office Manager

Mrs. L. Kell - Administration Officer

Mrs. C. Bond - Administration Officer


Site managers on rota basis

Mr. A. Smith - Assistant Site manager


Mrs. K. Beyer - Kitchen Unit Manager